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The Wheat Ridge Yellow Door – A Landscaping and Xeriscaping Success Story

Grey House With Yellow Door and a Xeriscaped Landscape including white rocks and indigenous Colorado plants

The Initial Client Request and Design  The Wheat Ridge Yellow Door project began with a clear vision from the homeowners: to transform their front yard into a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape that harmonized with the Colorado climate. Little Foot Landscaping was brought on board to bring this vision to life. The client expressed a desire for […]

Xeriscaping In Denver

Little Foot Landscaping Lakewood Denver 7

Hey Denver Neighbors, Are you mulling over the idea of revamping your outdoor space with an eco-conscious twist? Let’s dive deep into the world of xeriscaping—a gardening philosophy that’s as beneficial for our planet as it is for your cherished weekend downtime. This landscaping approach is particularly apt for our stunning yet arid Denver and […]