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We’re all about keeping things local and pouring our hearts into the community we love. Our story is pretty simple: Mike Sulli started this journey back in the ’70s with just a couple of old trucks and a big dream. Fast forward to 2021, Tim Jukola, a guy with a passion for the great outdoors and a knack for landscaping, took over, ready to keep Mike’s legacy alive.

Tim’s not new to this game. He’s been getting his hands dirty since his high school days, maintaining playing fields and looking after neighbors’ yards. He even hit the books in horticulture to make sure he knew his stuff. Little Foot has been growing steadily, thanks to folks like you who trust us with their outdoor spaces.

Our promise? To give you fair value for your hard-earned dollars with creative, low-maintenance landscapes that pop all year round. We’re big on respecting our team, paying them well, and giving back to the community that’s supported us from the start.

Mike’s wisdom is still a big part of what we do, guiding us as we build on those honest, excellent services he’s known for. We’re all about expanding those healthy relationships and keeping our services top-notch. Thanks for letting us be a part of your neighborhood. Let’s make something beautiful together!

Little Foot Landscaping

Our Mission & Values

At our core, we are dedicated to nurturing our environment and community through sustainable lawn care services, crafting each project with unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. We strive to bring each client’s unique vision to life, offering personalized services that transform outdoor spaces into reflections of individuality and harmony with nature. Our mission is to create lasting beauty and functionality in every yard, ensuring a greener, more vibrant world for us all to share.

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Years of Service

Founded in 1979 in
Lakewood, CO

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We're all about being kind to our planet in every job we do, from choosing plants that love our dry climate for xeriscaping to using natural methods for keeping lawns green. It's our way of showing we care about our environment and the community we share.

Quality Craftsmanship:

We take great pride in our work, putting our heart into every detail, whether we're sprucing up your lawn, building a new patio, or designing your dream garden. We aim to make sure your outdoor space isn't just beautiful but built to last and thoughtfully put together.

Personalized Service

We believe your outdoor space should reflect you, which is why we listen closely to what you want and need. Each lawn, each garden has its own story, and we're here to help tell yours with landscaping solutions that are as unique as you


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